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Branding, Packaging and Marketing Materials for the UK's largest scented candle manufacturer True Grace.

On body packaging for classic scented candle.

Who they are

True Grace is the own brand product range of Arco GB Limited one of the UK's largest candle manufacturers. Arco GB produce candles for a variety of high street brands and thier own brand range 'True Grace' is a widely distributed across the UK and internationally including high street departments stores such as John Lewis.


When we were first introduced to True Grace by our partners on the project, brand consultancy Boston Studio, they had previously been working with a few other high profile design agencies who had not been able to meet the needs of the client. They had a selection of candles that were were branded in different ways. Some of these boxes failed to have the brand name clearly displayed on the front of the packaging. The brand range concept at the time was only loosely formed as being a range of English scented candles.

Ecommerce website design for True Grace scented candles. 

What we did

We began working with True Grace over 10 years ago. To begin with we were asked to rebrand and improve the packaging for one of their products, the classic scented candle. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength and we have worked on packaging for 'Walled Garden' Tinned Candles, Scented Reeds, Home Fragrance, Bath and Body (Hand Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Lotion), Designs for Website, Brand Positioning and Strategy, Trade Fair Stands, Digital and print marketing and communications, and we have been involved with their 2 new shop fit outs.



After meetings with the client we took the brief into the studio and started exploring different brand stories and voices which we could apply to the product range. After several presentations we arrived at a story range that was based on classic English Country life. The product ranges were subdivided into two categories, 'Manor' a more premium luxury range and 'Village' the more every day product range with an entry level price point. This brand story now supports the brand and has help the client open up into new product ranges and customer bases.

At the same time, to bring this brand story to life, we also developed a visual identity and language, which also solved some of the challenges the existed from the previous packaging. A new logo, type style, layout rules, a monogram and brand pattern were refined and developed. 

From there we proceed to develop and execute packaging for the base set of products in the two product categories. We worked with the Far East to develop cutter guides and produce carefully detailed packaging cutter guides and artwork.

Logo, and pages from brand guidelines.

True Grace logo

True Grace hat box candle artwork for production

A selection of products showing the new branding in use.

Branding and Visual Identity


The above shows logo, strategy writing, fragrance organisation and production drawings showing the brand in action. From loose conceptual sketches to detailed fully measured production drawings we have touched on all aspects of this brand.

True Grace e-commerce website design

True Grace e-commerce website design

True Grace Journal Micro Site Design and Development

Website design and development for and

Web Design and Concepts

We have worked on several concept presentations for several iterations for the True Grace website culminating in the execution of pixel perfect templates which were handed over to a 3rd party developer. We also design and developed a micros site for them in our studio.

Branding and product labeling for True Grace Bespoke Shop at Burlington Arcade in London.

3D design for True Grace Bespoke Shop at Burlington Arcade in London.

Product Packaging Concepts for True Grace Bespoke Shop at Burlington Arcade in London.

Product Packaging for True Grace Bespoke Shop at Burlington Arcade in London.

Interior showing Product Packaging for True Grace Bespoke Shop at Burlington Arcade in London.

Shop branding and packaging

We worked intensively on developing branding and packacing concepts for the True Grace shop in the Burlignton Arcade in Central London. After developing brand concepts we proceeded to work with the shopfitters to develop drawings for the interiors and exteriors of the property. We also did concepts for the new bespoke packaging and shopping bags.


We started working on True Grace in order to help refine packaging of a basic candle, since then we have gone on to work on a host of projects for them. Since we started the sales and the profile of the range have grown exponentially. We see this as proof that the brand story has helped underpin the success of the product range. This is also a product of great team work between the dynamic and innovative owners, the consultancy and our teams aptitude. We continue to enjoy working on projects with them.

“Since re-branding sales have increased year on year and the product range has grown from candles into home frangrance and bath & body. Consequently True Grace now has a strong high street precence.”


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