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TREPPENWITZ (Stairs-Joke): Our best lines always come to us just as we descend the stairs on our way home. For more:
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We owe it to ourselves and, more importantly, to those who love us to undergo therapy before too long:
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 20:15
"I am human; nothing human is foreign to me" - Terence
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Join us #ThisTimeNextMonth as we explore the supposed "Rules for Being a Man" with @arobertwebb and @ProfTanya -
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There isn’t anyone on the planet for whom sex hasn’t been an acutely difficult subject.
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At the level of the unconscious, Freud saw parallels between our troubles around money and around sex:
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A certain sort of intelligent person is above all else a superior and more committed reporter of their inner states:
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RT @TheDrum: Can brands help their customers lead better lives? Ewen Haldane of @TheSchoolOfLife believes so https:
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The Thinker Game encourages us to explore and familiarise ourselves with the brightest minds in history:
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The only people we feel are sane are those we don’t yet know very well. #MondayMusings
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"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." - Coco Chanel
Tweet : Sep 17th 2017 16:25
When we are alone in our rooms, our Big Worries start to emerge. That’s why we find being on our own unbearable.
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Sometimes it is good to reflect on the idea that you are not what you earn.
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One of the best ways to understand what psychotherapy involves is to read accounts of people who've been:
Tweet : Sep 16th 2017 10:30
SITZFLEISCH (Sitting-Meat): A character trait of endurance and staying power. Discover more German compound words:
Tweet : Sep 16th 2017 09:30
Our problems begin with a wound which, if it were known and explained, would naturally elicit tender understanding:
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 12:15
Choosing a partner is one of the most tricky and consequential decisions we can face, our card set can help us here:
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We give up not simply because events are difficult, but because we hadn’t expected them to be so:
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"True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen." - François de La Rochefoucauld
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Today we look at some of the alternative reasons for over eating.
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Society knows much about preparing for success but pays little attention to the urgent matter of handling failure:
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Here are 20 of the most expressive compound words from the German language, for when our own language fails us:
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In a good childhood, the relationship with our caregiver is steady, consistent and long-term:
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"When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man." - Stanley Kubrick
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 12:30
The possession of confidence is often seen as a matter of freakish good luck, in fact we can practise this skill:
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Therapy prompts us to internalise a better voice than we have encountered, ready for us to hear in times of need:
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How much do you rely on your smartphone?
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 15:20
Find out the right level of compromise to aim for in our Stay or Leave class -
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On the blog: How to Be a Genius #tbol
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RT @LivingArch: Still places available for couples/singles to join @TheSchoolOfLife Reading+Thinking Retreat at the #LifeHouseWales https:/

Citigold - Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times
Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times
Brand strategy, Branded content, Corporate communications
We produced a bespoke book - Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times - for Citigold’s Private Clients
Jul 19th 2017 15:00:50
Airbnb - The Art of Travel
The Art of Travel
Brand strategy
Our philosophical consulting team took a leftfield approach to redefine Airbnb’s market segmentation
May 9th 2017 13:37:07
Pictet - A Philosophy of Sustainability
A Philosophy of Sustainability
Branded content
A film exploring the key ingredients behind Pictet's philosophy of sustainability
Apr 24th 2017 17:12:56
The School of Life supported by Leo Burnett - Business Wise
The School of Life supported by Leo Burnett
(The School of Life)
Business Wise
Innovation/NPD/Service Design
Exploring the big ideas around branding, meaning, culture and value
Feb 1st 2017 14:43:40
Ikano Bank - A Simpler Britain
Ikano Bank
(Ikano Bank)
A Simpler Britain
Branded content, Innovation/NPD/Service Design
To help Ikano Bank launch in the UK we created a beautifully designed book on simplicity
Nov 8th 2016 15:37:58

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