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Tweet : Aug 16th 2018 09:08
There's a special visitor in our #Manchester office today ???? The pawfect way to brighten up a drizzly Thursday ???? #dogsintheoffice
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 18:44
Fancy a peek inside our new #London home? Here's your chance!
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 16:17
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 16:17
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 16:16
Our #Manchester team have been busy bees hunting down all the different #beeinthecity sculptures that have popped up across the city! Here are a few of our faves ????
Tweet : Aug 13th 2018 14:26
This weekend we were at @GBfoodfestival with @Tenderstem helping to spread the word of their delicious stems. If you missed us, don't worry as we'll be at @thebigfeastival on the bank holiday weekend ????
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 15:57
Great! Thanks so much. MWB
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 15:50
I’ve learnt to not dwell on them. Mistakes provide opportunities to improve. We take it on the chin and move on! MWB
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 15:37
Goodwill Huntingwhich was released over 20 years ago now. Wow, that makes me feel old! MWB
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 15:29
I really do enjoy any activity on water. Although I haven't tried my hand at water jet packing... just yet
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 15:21
5 times Olympic gold medal winner. Kidding.
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 15:13
My first job was working at the beach bar for the World Windsurfing finals in Cape Town while at University. Some awesome memories. MWB.
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 15:07
I’m part of the small percentage of the population that do not like sandwiches. But I'd say it would have to be a NY pastrami.
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 15:02
Hello! Very well thank you. The first person taking part - no pressure then! MWB.
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 14:14
RT @TheDrum: We will be talking to @TROexperiential's newly appointed chief executive Michael Wyrley-Birch who featured in our People On Th
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 12:42
New research reveals "more than half of UK consumers living outside the capital say brands are too London-centric in their advertising". Our very own CSD (and proud Scot) Andy Orr gets his stance validated on the 'London bubble' in the @TheDrum's article
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 12:33
RT @TBWALONDON: Congratulations @mikewyrley and @TROexperiential ! Almost 20 years of partnership and now leadership.... are you throwing a
Tweet : Aug 7th 2018 16:09
For the past four years we've worked with Nissan to create experiences with tech at the heart! This #TechTuesday see how we brought their 'Intelligent Mobility' technology to life last year
Tweet : Aug 6th 2018 12:53
What a fantastic weekend we had with @MINIUK at @countryfilelive Our MINI Driving Experience certainly got a lot of people talking #MINICountryfileLive (Photos courtesy of @Malcy70s )
Tweet : Aug 6th 2018 11:06
RT @CITmagazine: TRO makes two senior promotions: #eventprofs @TROexperiential
News : Aug 3rd 2018 by Lewis Harrison
Global brand experience agency TRO has announced two key senior leadership appointments
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2018 15:58
RT @Eventmagazine: Wyrley-Birch named @TROexperiential chief executive
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2018 14:31
@Torque_Training @MINIUK Thanks Nic!
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2018 14:06
We’re having a great time at #countryfilelive with @MINIUK! Our Mini Driving Experience is not one to miss this weekend ???? #MINICountryfileLive
Tweet : Aug 1st 2018 16:55
It was a treat being able to witness our #Manchester neighbours tackle this tremendous #YorkshireDay challenge! (And help 'clean up' the leftovers)
Tweet : Jul 31st 2018 17:44
It doesn't seem like that long ago we were with @MINIUK at @fosgoodwood, and now we're getting ready for a weekend @Countryfilelive with them. Will you be visiting?
Tweet : Jul 31st 2018 12:43
RT @rob_murrell: Build at Countryfile Live Blenheim Palace progressing well in the sunshine @TROexperiential
Tweet : Jul 30th 2018 14:55
What a fun weekend we had with Volvo at @carfestevent! Did you spot us there?
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 17:27
Exciting build day for our next Volvo activitation! We're getting ready for @Carfestevent this weekend! Who's coming?
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 10:01
And we are ready for take-off! Read all about our brand experience for @British_Airways for families at @CampBestival on @Campaignmag - the cockpit doors are open today...
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 09:23
RT @GMRMarketing: Live music has the power to turn a moment into a memory.
News : May 24th 2018 by Lewis Harrison
We are a member of the newly formed Omnicom Experiential Group. Find out more about the global collective here

Google Norway - ELBIT
Google Norway
Experiential marketing
Google’s immersive training experiences for its tech-native sales force, inspired by nostalgia.
Jul 12th 2018 10:55:53
Sony - Sony Expo 2018
Sony Expo 2018
Experiential marketing
TRO China delivered at multitude of brand and product experiences at the flagship event.
Jul 5th 2018 14:42:43
Telstra - Fabric of Society
Fabric of Society
Experiential marketing
Interactive window and in-store engagement for Telstra in Sydney
May 2nd 2018 11:49:57
Martini - Martini Caffé Torino
Martini Caffé Torino
Experiential marketing
Raising the bar for Martini Caffé Torino, surprising an influential audience.
May 1st 2018 13:16:54
adidas - adidas Official Match Ball Launch & Tango League Global Event
adidas Official Match Ball Launch & Tango League Global Event
Experiential marketing
Inspiring global influencers through compelling content generation, resonating with urban audiences.
Apr 27th 2018 15:49:35

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