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Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 17:15
A big thank you to @Le_Harv, @PaullieG and the team at @smwldn for hosting our #ThinkForward2019 panel session this afternoon. Keep an eye out for the full report which launches next week (21/11). #SMWLDN
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 16:33
RT @MattNavarra: The most mentioned and retweeted Twitter users at #SMWLDN / @smwldn More stats:
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 16:17
RT @lisaboylesmedia: The 9 social media trends to watch out for in 2019. I particularly look forward to reading more about the Fake Authen
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 16:04
RT @terezalitsa: Can’t wait for @wearesocial’s new report on the biggest trends shaping social in 2019. The overview looks really promising
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 16:04
RT @CatherineNamey: Finishing up a fabulous 3 days at #SMWLDN with the top trends for 2019 #socialmedia #marketing @wearesocial https://t.c
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 16:03
RT @sminicooper: Ending the week with a panel discussion with Harvey Cossell @wearesocial, Paul Greenwood @wearesocial, Cameron - James Wil
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 15:02
RT @thisisgiannic: Ending social media week listening to @wearesocial discuss key trends to know for 2019 / @socialmediaweek #SMWLDN https:
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 15:02
RT @theluxteam: What are the key trends for 2019? @wearesocial are here to shed some light! #SMWLDN
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 15:02
RT @StrawberrySoc: Final sesh of #SMWLDN 18. About to hear from the fab folks at @wearesocial again as to what might be in store for social
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 13:19
RT @Valesi: @wearesocial @dre_vanloon Thank you so much. This was one of the best sessions at #SMWLDN
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 11:30
LinkedIn is doing its bit to promote more diverse workplaces, with the launch of new gender diversity insights across its talent products. The tools have been designed to help businesses hire & develop more diverse teams. Our Monday Mashup w/@Lauren_Under.
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 11:09
@BrazildonBond @dre_vanloon Hey @BrazildonBond, yes - a full summary of what was discussed at today's event, along with presentation slides, will be available via our blog early next week. Keep an eye on our site for more info. Thanks!
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 10:58
RT @AndyDurant1: Getting the brain in gear on a Friday morning ???? Great insight from @wearesocial around Dark Social ???? ????
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 10:01
RT @elliejanepullan: ‘Enjoy the Challenge - not knowing and finding out is SUCH good fun.’ Dark social is a mystery but it is a users right
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:51
RT @StrawberrySoc: Some really high value stuff from @wearesocial, thank you! More of this pls #SMWLDN ???????? #DarkSocialBreakfast
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:42
RT @CSZhao: #Socialmedia publishing principles: 1) Influencers need a reason to share content; make the content “valuable.” 2) Avoid sales
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:42
1) Know what you're talking about 2) Don't assume anything about your audience 3) Treat Dark Social content shares with caution 4) Have you got a valid reason to get involved? 5) Have fun! @dre_vanloon closing today's #DarkSocalBreakfast with his top tips to marketers.
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:38
RT @AllResponse: There’s two opportunities to harness the power of Dark Social - #Product or #Brand. #DarkSocialBreakfast #SMWLDN https://t
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:37
RT @caitlinmarie89: I used Google to search for the original article on #darksocial by @alexismadrigal. I copied the URL & pasted it in a t
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:37
RT @AllResponse: “Influencers need a reason to share content. They need to feel like its valuable, like they own it” #DarkSocialBreakfast #
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:35
In order for Dark Social content to fly, it needs: to be bespoke, not broadcast your brand message, and be quick. Our Senior Sports Editor Dan Parker speaking at this morning's #DarkSocialBreakfast. #SMWLDN
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:33
Building on this morning's #DarkSocialBreakfast, our Senior Sports Editor Dan Parker sharing some real-world insight and learnings from @adidasfootball's #TangoSquad dark social campaign. #SMWLDN
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:25
RT @mikeschwede: More people are using #darksocial (WhatsApp...) than public @socialmedia. Older, more interesting audience. #smwldn @weare
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:22
RT @StrawberrySoc: Thanks @dre_vanloon, already one of the most enlightening (and charming) sessions at #SMWLDN #DarkSocialBreakfast https:
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:19
A large percentage of consumers age 55+ (those with greater disposable incomes) are only sharing content via Dark Social. #DarkSocialBreakfast
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:17
RT @caitlinmarie89: Dark social should be less about link sourcing and more about understanding audience behaviors. #darksocialbreakfast
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:15
"When you're doing your audience research, are you looking at the person as a whole or are you making a big assumption based on one platform?" @dre_vanloon speaking at our #DarkSocialBreakfast. #SMWLDN
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:08
Our 'Prince of Darkness', @dre_vanloon taking the stage at this morning's #DarkSocialBreakfast with a killer stat that "in the last year, dark social shares as a per cent of on-site shares jumped from 69% to 84% globally." #SMWLDN
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:05
RT @smwldn: Good morning, #SMWLDN! Join @wearesocial for breakfast and learn more about getting dark social right.
Tweet : Nov 16th 2018 09:04
RT @JamesDay1607: Day 3 of #SMWLDN - at @wearesocial HQ for some insight on Dark Social. It's frontloaded by the ominiously sinister hasht
News : Sep 19th 2018 by Lauren Underwood
We are thrilled to announce that we have just opened our 12th international office, as part of an ongoing effort to grow our global network.
News : Jan 19th 2016 by Tom Ollerton
We Are Social move from a blog based agency website to a client work showcase for Google, adidas, Heineken and Audi.
News : Jul 3rd 2015 by Tom Ollerton
Curiosity Stop is a collation of the innovations that inspired us this month
News : Jun 25th 2015 by Tom Ollerton
Hello Play! for Hello Bank!, BNP Paribas’ mobile bank, picked up two Bronze Lions in Engagement Platform and Financial Services.

YouTube  -  #CreatorsforChange | Gender | ‘In My Personal Space’ Feat. Lily Cole, Sid & Dina |
#CreatorsforChange | Gender | ‘In My Personal Space’ Feat. Lily Cole, Sid & Dina |
Advertising/Creative, Social
From gender imbalances to who pays the bill, Nadir talks Gender with Lily Cole, Sid & Dina.
Nov 13th 2018 17:23:48
Digital, Social
HSBC encouraged young people in the UK to pursue new opportunities, and avoid future regrets.
Oct 8th 2018 11:40:36
first direct - first direct 'Apologises' To Other Banks
first direct
(first direct)
first direct 'Apologises' To Other Banks
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
first direct wanted to tell the world that they were voted #1 in the UK for overall service.
Oct 3rd 2018 11:47:38
Audi - Believe in the Future of Driving
Believe in the Future of Driving
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
Six children contemplate what the cars of the future might look like for Audi UK.
Jan 4th 2018 14:24:13
adidas Football - David Beckham: Capsule Collection: The return of an icon
adidas Football
David Beckham: Capsule Collection: The return of an icon
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
adidas, with David Beckham, brought back it's famous Predator boot after an absence of 4 years.
Dec 21st 2017 10:09:53

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