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Tweet : Sep 20th 2017 14:27
Tesla, FOMO, Chinese plates... it's this week's Frisk >>>
Tweet : Sep 20th 2017 12:27
@PiaScuro You'll be pleased to know that there are no sparkly crystals in the actual burger. They'd be a bit crunchy.
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 13:30
RT @TheLBGPC: 7+ to @LeoBurnettLDN for McDonald's "Great Taste of America" Campaign #GPC #GPCIndia
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 13:30
RT @creativebrief: We're delighted to announce that joining the #BITELIVE line-up are @joshbullmore from @LeoBurnettLDN and Emily Somers of
Tweet : Sep 11th 2017 13:44
Keeping us inspired in our gallery space this week: the photography of Paloma Rincón >>>
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 12:43
RT @TheDrumCreative: .@LeoBurnettLDN takes inspiration from the world of perfume advertising to promote @McDonaldsUK's new menu https://t.c
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 11:35
@jemazing Look at his worried little face >>> ????
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 11:28
@jemazing Don't torment that big fish.
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 15:47
Oodles of hot cuts in our Sponsorship team's latest newsletter, take a peep >>>
Tweet : Aug 30th 2017 15:30
RT @LeoBurnett: Only @LeoBurnettLDN could make a fragrance ad work for a burger. Check it out:
Tweet : Aug 30th 2017 14:50
Sexy ads, supermarket diversity, digital bricks - it's this week's Frisk >>>
Tweet : Aug 29th 2017 11:35
Woman... man... burger... fan... It's our new 'Love Affair' ad for the McDonald's Signature Collection >>>
Tweet : Aug 26th 2017 07:00
RT @LeoBurnett: What's that scent? It’s @LeoBurnettLDN's new spot for @McDonalds "luxury" burger.
Tweet : Aug 24th 2017 22:48
RT @Campaignmag: What at first seems like another over-the-top perfume ad is actually for @McDonalds gourmet burgers
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2017 20:36
RT @adforum: "One legend deserves another." Brilliant @LeoBurnettLDN spot for @McDonalds!
Tweet : Aug 21st 2017 19:45
Publicis Groupe makes talent a top priority and names Emmanuel André Chief Talent Officer >>>
Tweet : Aug 18th 2017 14:25
RT @The_IPA: Female duo Chaka Sobhani of @LeoBurnettLDN and @djanicki head up IPA Best of Health Show judges #BOH17
Tweet : Aug 17th 2017 15:17
RT @LeoBurnett: Congrats to @LeoBurnettLDN on winning @McDonalds @FIFAWorldCup global sponsorship.
Tweet : Aug 17th 2017 11:32
One legend deserves another. Fresh new work for McDonald's, look! >>>
Tweet : Aug 17th 2017 09:28
@pikeyjae It was recorded for us by Mcasso Music :)
Tweet : Aug 16th 2017 14:42
RT @Campaignmag: McDonald's awards World Cup brief to @LeoBurnettLDN
Tweet : Aug 14th 2017 13:54
A very cheeky suit in this month's newsletter from our sponsorship team. Plus a load of other great stuff too.
Tweet : Aug 10th 2017 10:04
Someone asked us if the Flash dog is a labradoodle or a goldendoodle. The debate is now RAGING. What do you reckon?
Tweet : Aug 9th 2017 13:26
Family TV time, frisky seniors, Dunkin' - it's this week's Frisk >>>
Tweet : Aug 9th 2017 09:16
RT @adforum: We can pretty much guarantee this @LeoBurnettLDN spot for @fairy_nonbio is the sweetest thing you will see all week: https://t
Tweet : Aug 8th 2017 11:46
RT @adsoftheworld: Watch the new Fairy Non-Bio ad by @LeoBurnettLDN: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Tweet : Aug 7th 2017 13:48
London's skies are slate-grey and glum today. But we're still doing a little happy dance.
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2017 16:38
RT @PublicisGroupe: New Fairy "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" campaign by @LeoBurnettLDN:
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2017 13:02
Instafood thing, USB fidget spinner thing, rural social thing, it's this week's Frisk... er, thing >>>
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2017 10:43
RT @PJLawson: Cheeky little thought piece from my good self. Even managed to pay a compliment to @RobinWightUK via

McDonald's Signature Collection - Love Affair
McDonald's Signature Collection
(McDonald's )
Love Affair
Promoting McDonald's high-end burger menu, The Signature Collection, with a tongue in cheek twist.
Aug 23rd 2017 11:25:21
Fairy Non-Bio - Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Fairy Non-Bio
Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Fairy Non-Bio is broadening its reach to appeal to anyone with sensitive skin in this new campaign.
Aug 2nd 2017 14:56:08
Co-op Food - 100% British
Co-op Food
(The Co-op)
100% British
Celebrating the supermarket's landmark achievement of making all their fresh meat 100% British.
May 30th 2017 10:01:22
Share Aware - Mia's Thoughts
Share Aware
Mia's Thoughts
Meet Mia, who needs a bit of hand with some of the more confusing bits of the online world for a kid
May 22nd 2017 15:25:48
Kingfisher - Start Something New
(Kingfisher plc)
Start Something New
Kingfisher's first multi-country advertising campaign, to introduce their new DENIA garden furniture
Mar 23rd 2017 13:26:55

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