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Tweet : Feb 16th 2018 12:29
This is really very good. A couple of our guys' side hustle ????
Tweet : Feb 16th 2018 10:58
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 15:19
RT @Havas_UK: "Women in power - It needs to be #UsToo, not just #MeToo" - Tracey Barber, Group CMO, Havas UK via
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 13:22
This is very good.
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 11:38
@CampaignBrands @gurjitdegun View from our gaff ??
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 09:39
@clairelpetzal Did...did anyone...die?
Tweet : Feb 14th 2018 15:02
The Leader as a Sculptor: @chrishirst's latest blog on leadership. 'Success is a result of what you stop doing as much as it is what you start.'
Tweet : Feb 14th 2018 09:39
As we sit down to celebrate another fun-filled #FerrisWheelDay (no, really), we can't help but feel @TheLondonEye has missed a trick here ??????
Tweet : Feb 13th 2018 13:59
@BBHLabs I mean, this isn't the answer, but there is something fascinating about this. Mad as f...
Tweet : Feb 13th 2018 10:14
Bit of fun from our neighbours @StPancrasInt - which becomes 'London St. Pancake' for #pancakeday2018
Tweet : Feb 12th 2018 15:53
Loving @CakeGroup's 'Style Scanner', turning the #EEBAFTAs into a shoppable fashion event (but at a snip of the A List cost)
Tweet : Feb 12th 2018 11:07
Dante's Nine Circles of Hell, reimagined for linguistic transgressions. Literally, just a great bit of writing.
Tweet : Feb 12th 2018 07:29
RT @xavierrees: Important article by @roxanne_hobbs on a much under-reported subject. Featuring a few words from me and other parents of AS
Tweet : Feb 9th 2018 11:22
This is such an important read and deserves as wide an audience as possible, particularly in - but of . course not limited to - our industry. Mental health is not, and should not be, a stigma.
Tweet : Feb 8th 2018 13:14
An early #FF for Creative Mentor Network @CMNetwork_ who are doing wonderful things to help open up the industry to young, diverse talent. Fab to see so many great agencies on their list of partners. And if you're not: why not?
Tweet : Feb 8th 2018 10:18
Wow - never realised how much Martin Sorrell's shadow looks like the Statue of Liberty before.
Tweet : Feb 7th 2018 15:51
@CMNetwork_ Love it! ?? Thanks for sharing - we'll make sure to pass the feedback onto the guys.
Tweet : Feb 7th 2018 11:38
There should only be one metric in a modern agency: how much you care. @xavierrees on how the work-life balance has become the work-life blend @Campaignmag
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 08:00
'For the first time in a long while bricks and mortar stores have the means to compete on a more even playing field.' Some interesting thoughts from @HavasMediaUK's Clare Hart post-Amazon Go |
Tweet : Feb 4th 2018 11:30
It's #SuperBowl Sunday, and the beers and snacks are in. But what does the NFL itself need to do to properly crack Europe? @aepettett, chief exec @CakeGroup, has his say in @Campaignmag
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2018 15:22
Fridays: the struggle is real.
Tweet : Jan 31st 2018 12:44
This is just bad news. Our game is much better for having a proper melting pot of nationalities in it. | @CreativeReview: A third of EU citizens in marketing and creative industry plan to leave UK after Brexit
Tweet : Jan 30th 2018 09:38
Our first TV campaign for @dotLondon, the official domain name for the city, breaks this week (as illustrated by the excellent @slimjimstudios). Watch it here:
Tweet : Jan 29th 2018 16:12
Awesome brand, awesome win for @HavasMediaUK - congrats guys. Strong start to the year!
Tweet : Jan 29th 2018 14:44
RT @creativebrief: New BITE #HotPick @havaslondon reveal the first international marketing campaign for @expo2020dubai the first World Fair
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 11:41
? PLACEMENT TEAMS. Get on this ??
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 10:40
@clairelpetzal Might appoint you the Official Barometer of Bar Night Quality. Speak to IT. Get your email sig changed.
Tweet : Jan 25th 2018 20:26
It’s Havas helia CEO Tash Whitmey’s last day today (before she becomes our @Tesco client!) after 18 (ish. No one can remember) years. ‘She will be missed’ is an understatement. Thanks, Tash - we love you and we’ll see you very soon x
Tweet : Jan 25th 2018 15:43
Tweet : Jan 25th 2018 15:43
There's only one appropriate response to this news - if you exclude quietly sobbing into your overpriced latte - and that response is Iron Maiden ????
News : Jun 28th 2017 by Ollie Dearn
News : Jun 21st 2017 by Ollie Dearn
Check out all the details here:
News : Jun 15th 2017 by Ollie Dearn
Read more at:€23bn-swoop/1433286#1hRBzzuQqtEuKthD.99
News : Jun 15th 2017 by Ollie Dearn
Havas London comes in 2nd place in Campaign's new business league following a strong start to the year, winning six new clients.
News : Jan 25th 2016
New Durex campaign from Havas London encourages couples to ‘cut the cliché’ this Valentine’s day and focus instead on quality... read more
News : Jan 20th 2016
Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications company, has appointed Havas London to its global creative roster.
News : Jan 14th 2016 by Gabby Lott
Havas London announced today its appointment of Gabrielle Lott as PR & Communications Director. She will head up all press and comms
News : Dec 9th 2015 by Gabby Lott
Nicola Forristal, the director of human resources at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, is joining Havas Creative Group as its head of people.
News : Dec 3rd 2015 by Gabby Lott
Carl F. Bucherer, the luxury watch company, announced Havas London as its global advertising agency.
News : Nov 26th 2015 by Gabby Lott
Andy Sandoz & Ben Mooge Join Havas London as Joint ECD's. Will oversee all agency creative output
News : Nov 24th 2015 by Gabby Lott
New social media campaign video created by Havas London, Durex are calling for the creation of a condom emoji.
News : Nov 19th 2015 by Gabby Lott
Mark Sinnock appointed as Havas Europe and UK Group CSO. He joins in early 2016 and will report directly into Chris Hirst
News : Nov 13th 2015 by Gabby Lott
Tracey Barber, chief marketing officer at Havas Helia, has been promoted to UK chief marketing officer for Havas Worldwide Creative Group
News : Sep 10th 2015 by Gabby Lott
Paul Ward, joined Havas Worldwide in the new role of group head of operations and innovation
News : May 28th 2015 by Gabby Lott
Chivas Regal, Pernod Ricard's whisky brand, has handed its below-the-line business to Havas London from AnalogFolk without a pitch
News : Feb 12th 2015 by Gabby Lott
Hirst will oversee all Havas Worldwide in continental Europe and the UK, with a focus on accelerating the agency's business growth

Dot London - Make yours .london
Dot London
(London & Partners)
Make yours .london
Our first campaign for Dot London, the official domain name for the city.
Jan 30th 2018 15:46:52
Expo 2020 Dubai - Havas London - Hands
Expo 2020 Dubai
(Expo 2020 Dubai)
Havas London - Hands
Expo 2020 Dubai has launched its first global marketing campaign, 1000 days before its doors open.
Jan 24th 2018 09:48:09
Citroën - Lessons in Love - C4's First Dates sponsorship
Lessons in Love - C4's First Dates sponsorship
A series of idents for Citroën's landmark sponsorship of Channel 4's popular series First Dates.
Dec 19th 2017 11:31:16
Harrison's Fund - Gym Excuses
Harrison's Fund
(Harrison's Fund)
Gym Excuses
We waste £558m on unused gym memberships every year. Get better #gymexcuses with Harrison's Fund.
Nov 27th 2017 15:00:14
Sony - Xperia Touch
Xperia Touch
Creative technology
Discovering what the future holds for the human race through the minds of six small experts.
Nov 23rd 2017 15:41:27

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