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Tweet : Jun 22nd 2018 12:28
Thanks @weveuk for a hugely informative #YRtalks on the fascinating art of using data to craft hyper-targeted ads.
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 11:51
Brighten up your Monday with our CCO Jon Burley’s popular guide to the real Cannes #canneslions
Tweet : Jun 16th 2018 19:12
RT @Campaignmag: An Idiot's Map of Cannes - by @YR_london's Jon Burley #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 15:25
@GreyLondon Brilliant! glad you enjoyed it ????
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 12:06
Brighten up your Friday with our CCO Jon Burley’s whirlwind tour of the real Cannes. #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 11:49
RT @Campaignmag: An Idiot's Map of Cannes - by @YR_london's Jon Burley #CannesLions
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 10:57
The @GoogleFR and @CarrefourGroup partnership is a timely reminder for British retailers that now is the moment to double-down on convenience. Our creative technologist's @graciecontent full piece here in @TheGrocer today:
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 10:28
RT @Creativepool: The Best English Lesson Ever #CPSpotlight by @YR_london
Tweet : Jun 12th 2018 16:52
#WorldCup sweepstakes Y&R style. 32 teams, 32 flags, many will fall, one will remain. Here we go!
Tweet : Jun 12th 2018 11:37
We’re on a mission to cut waste here at Y&R, goodbye plastic, hello @Chillysbottles
Tweet : Jun 11th 2018 10:47
Great fun on Friday as our creatives Amy and Jacob held a creative workshop for GCSE media students at the Arts & Media School in Islington. A quick game of guess the slogan and a room full of advertisers was born.
Tweet : Jun 8th 2018 17:40
From one stage to another, it's the industry's most wonderful receptionist's birthday today and she's off on an acting job for two months. Cue the party. Gill and tonic anyone?
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 15:54
#YRrecommends @boilerroomtv have launched 4:3. "A portal of wonderful films and videos, curated + commissioned, exploring culture and music. It’s where you’ll find your new favourite director’s favourite director" by Mark Farinha, Creative Director
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 12:22
Our brilliant creative technologist @graciecontent watched Apple's epic 2.5 hour #WWDC18 and rounded up the key takeaways for brands so you don't have to
Tweet : Jun 1st 2018 16:20
Tweet : May 30th 2018 17:33
#YRrecommends The Mask You Live in @MaskYouLiveIn, Netflix This brilliant documentary shines a light on what it means to be a man in America and how our definitions of masculinity of it are harming the men and boys across the world.
Tweet : May 30th 2018 11:33
RT @Campaignmag: The hard sell: Viagra makes TV debut in campaign from @YR_london
Tweet : May 30th 2018 10:07
Here it is, the first ever UK TV ad for Viagra Connect. Proud of our team's work to normalise a really common problem for millions of men across the country. @pfizer
Tweet : May 24th 2018 17:36
Great #YRtalks from director and founder of @straight8 @ededsayers on the storytelling power of a single reel of super 8 film
Tweet : May 23rd 2018 11:05
RT @adsoftheworld: Get to know more about the new Premier League ad by @YR_london: The Best PE Lesson Ever https:/
Tweet : May 23rd 2018 11:04
RT @Creativepool: The Best PE Lesson Ever #CPSpotlight by @YR_london
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 16:57
Our latest work with @premierleague is here... It's @NUFC v Spelling in the best English lesson ever! #PL #NUFC
Tweet : May 16th 2018 17:51
Real divide in the office over the Laurel/Yanny voice clip #YannyOrLaurel It's Laurel by the way, Laurel.
Tweet : May 15th 2018 17:23
After another outburst of prehistoric opinions, the office dinosaur is on his last warning #DinosaurDay
Tweet : May 10th 2018 12:27
RT @MadeByDyslexia: Super excited to win 2 awards for our campaign. Reached 77 mil people & positive tweets about Dyslexia up by 66%! Click
Tweet : May 8th 2018 10:52
The second part of our work for @premierleague is live, this time it's with @stokecity @petercrouch delivers the best PE lesson ever!
Tweet : May 4th 2018 12:20
Have a look at the superb @yellowzine - Our intern @aishaayoade and her brother have founded a bi-annual print magazine curating and celebrating visual artwork by minority ethnic artists in the UK. It's beautiful, important and so impressive.
Tweet : May 1st 2018 14:47
Plants boost productivity and job satisfaction so we have loads and we’re all just cheerfully smashing it #NationalGardeningWeek
Tweet : Apr 30th 2018 17:14
Big welcome to our new interns Aisha and Ish! Hope you had a great day at your @_CreativeAccess induction #CAinterns
Tweet : Apr 27th 2018 17:13
BBC Winter Olympics and The Dyslexic Sperm Bank both won two wooden pencils and it's just made our Friday! Huge well done to everyone involved, and thank you @dandad

VIAGRA CONNECT - Normalisation
Viagra Connect OTC Launch
May 30th 2018 12:46:40
We tried to break stigmas and highlight just how common erectile problems really are.
Apr 19th 2018 11:13:09
THINK! - A Mate Doesn't Let A Mate Drink Drive
A Mate Doesn't Let A Mate Drink Drive
The Department for Transport and Y&R London rethink the THINK! drink drive campaign, focusing on fr
Mar 23rd 2018 12:11:40
BBC Winter Olympics - The Fearless are Here
BBC Winter Olympics
The Fearless are Here
The campaign brings to life the fearlessness Olympians must possess to succeed in their events.
Jan 22nd 2018 09:26:26
TUI - U in the Middle
U in the Middle
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
Crossing the ‘T’s, dotting the ‘I’s and putting ‘U’ in the middle
Jan 19th 2018 09:54:29

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